Micro-Scale is here!

After I started building SotA inspired Lego sets, two requests came from several people: 1) I want to see the Lord of the Manor home and 2) How about you make a whole city!

Well, given the size of the Knights Home I realized that building even one LotM home, let alone a whole city, was going to be difficult. So I decided to try my hand at mico-scale versions of the buildings. These builds are sizes so 1 block high is approximately one floor. For instance, the Lord of the Manor house looks thus:



Using this, I have created versions of most of the buildings which can then be used to actually build a whole town in a reasonable amount of time and effort. Unlike traditional minifig-scale (sized for Lego minifigs), much of the design with micro-scale is focused on how to give a feel of the buildings while using very few Lego assets.

Here is the city section of the Town of Owls Head in micro-scale.



Unseen Dragon