The Tortoise and Hare B&B

The Tortoise and Hare Bed & Breakfast is a building inspired by, and designed for, Lord British’s upcoming game “Shroud of the Avatar”. As with the Hearth of Britannia, this building was built with a story in mind and was heavily inspired by the owners of Tortoise and Hare Creations. Unlike The Hearth of Britannia, which is very much the go-to place in the middle of the city, T&H is on the edge of town. It is designed after the great chalets of the Rocky Mountains, specifically some of the ones at Glacier National Park.

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The Inn of the Tortoise and Hare is a story unto itself. Nestled on the edge of the town of (TOWN NAME) near the foothills/woods of (PLACE of ADVENTURE), it has become a waypoint for most adventurers.  From its humble beginnings, it has become a place where the lands greatest adventures come to eat, learn, share stories, and prepare themselves before setting off in their quests.

The very sight of the Tortoise and Hare prepares a visitor for what’s to come. The giant tree trunks, brought in from (FOREST) tower overhead as a sign of strength and stability. Inside the great hall, one is instantly drawn to the Circle of Knowledge. It is commonplace to find this great fireplace surrounded by adventurers of all ilk sharing their stories and plans. It is expected that anyone visiting join in The Circle to share a tale or two. Be you a great knight or a humble trader, all are welcome at the Circle of Knowledge.

The owners of the inn are dedicated to the acquisition and sharing of knowledge, and the Circle of Knowledge is just one such example. Surrounding the walls are bookcases filled with tomes from across the land. All are welcome to read, and for those who can afford it, it is customary to leave a tithing in the form of a book when passing through.

However, the Tortoise and Hare has grown beyond its beginnings as a meeting hall and tavern. While the food is well regarded, it is also a place where adventurers take their last break before setting out.  Being on the edge of (TOWN NAME), it is perfectly situated to get that last night of sleep and purchase any last minute provisions. The owners recently added a second floor with several rooms available for rent. In addition, a small, but very well stocked, general store has been built on to the great hall. To call it a general store shows the humbleness of the owners as this store is stocked with goods, weapons and armor both magic and mundane. As adventurers return from their quests and master craftsman pass through, it is not unusual for their finest goods to end up for sale on the shelves of the Tortoise and Hare.


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