The Hearth of Britannia

The Hearth of Britannia was my first Lego project for Shroud of the Avatar, and I really must credit Joseph Toschlog a.k.a Rustic Dragon for this. The original design came from a sketch drawing he did during the Shroud of the Avatar telethon he put on through his Hearth of Britannia site. As I’ve discussed on a few Google hangouts, this design was very different than ones I had done before, dispensing with pure functionality in factor of emotional and conceptual design. In this case, the story of The Hearth (I hope) translates well into the look and feel. I really wanted this to look like a place you’d want to visit.

Final Pictures


Final picture of The Hearth of Britannia. On display at the Lego Store at Arundle Mills Mall, MD.



The Hearth of Britannia is the quintessential bustling tavern. Located in the heart of (CITY NAME) has become a gathering place for great friends, stout drink, and food from a bygone era. It is difficult to say who the regulars at The Hearth are as so many people have made it part of their regular routine.  If there were one word to describe this building, it would be warm. Whether you are a large group looking to celebrate or a couple looking for a secluded corner to share a story, all visitors should feel at home at The Heart of Britannia. There are even rumors that one can get their fortune told.

This warmth strikes a visitor the minute they enter the door, with the blazing namesake Hearth roaring day and night. The light from this fire makes every corner of the main tavern aglow, inviting one to sit at a table and have some the finest food in New Britannia. The popularity of The Hearth has required the owner (NAME) to expand a number of times, yet it has been his desire they every chair in the room be able to see and feel the great fireplace.

The owner has always prided himself on serving the very finest food and drink in the land. Attached to the main building is a large kitchen which gets ingredients from near and far. Whether it be a simple meal or a feast among celebrating fans, the food at The Hearth is ideal. The chef is best known for his ribs and stew, but many say the baked breads are actually the real heart of the tavern. There is even one baked delicacy which is only served here. It is a closely guarded secret by friends of The Hearth, but maybe you will uncover one of these rare morsels of bread.

Finally, one would be remiss to discuss The Hearth of Britannia without mention of the treasures upstairs. Over the years the owner has collected artifacts from far and wide. Many of these have been gifts from visiting royalty, while others have been collected by the owner on his many adventures. It is hard to not look up at the floor above in wonderment. There are rumors that many of the items come from a time long ago, maybe even another land all together.



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