Micro Scale

When I started designing SotA themed buildings and player housing, one of the first comments I would get from people was ‘when are you going to build a whole city’. Well, given that, at minifig scale, it would cost me well over a Lord of the Manor’s backing to build the scores of buildings required for a town like Owls Head, I decided to design micro/mini-scale versions of all the buildings in the game.

Microscale (sometimes called miniscale) is a style of Lego design in which buildings and landscape are represented significantly smaller than the standard 1:48 minifig scale. As opposed to the minifig scale in which buildings are sized for the standard Lego minifig, microscale may use only a handful of pieces to represent a building. In this technique, the focus on use of creative use of pieces.

This page presents the majority of the player housing options (in-game pictures taken from Forsaken Virtues) along with their microscale Lego version. Using these as elements, I have made a mockup of OwlsHead’s city district.



 Village Homes In-game picture Micro-build
Founder’s Citizen Home Founder_Village_Home FCitMini
Founder’s Citizen Cabana SotA_Founder_Citizen_Cabana_exterior1-1024x532 FCitWaterMini
Benefactor’s Citizen Home Benefactor_Village_Home1 BCitMini
Founder’s Edelmann Home SotA_Edelmann_Village_Home1-1024x489 FEldMini
Founder’s Edelmann Cabana SotA_Founder_Edelmann_Cabana_exterior1 FEldWaterMini
Benefactor’s Edelmann Home SotA_Edelmann_Benefactor_Village_Home-1024x485 BEldMini
Founder’s Knight Home  SotA_Founder_Knight_exterior1  
Founder’s Knight Lighthouse  SotA_Knight_Lighthouse_exterior3   FKnWaterMini
Benefactor’s Knight Home  SotA_Knight_Home_Benefactor_Exterior1  BKnMini
Viking Home  Viking_Village_Home2 Coming Soon
Tower Home  SotA_Tower_Village_small  STowerMini
Windmill Home  SotA_Windmill_Village_Home_Exterior1  WMillMini
Wizard Home  SotA_Wizard_Tower_Village_Home11  WizMini
Town Homes In-game picture Micro-Build
Founder’s Lord Home  SotA_Lord_Town_Home1-1024x485  FLordMini
Town Tower Home SotA_Tower_Town_small  LTowerMini
Druid Home SotA_Druid_Town_Home-1024x485  DruidMini
City Homes
Founder’s Baron Home SotA_Founder_Baron_Home_Exterior1b-1024x568  FBrnMini
Duke’s Castle SotA_Founder_Duke_Castle_exterior1 Coming Soon
Castle Homes
Lord of the Manor’s Home SotA_LOM_City_Home_front  FLotMMini