SotA Bricks

Welcome to my new site, SotA Bricks. This site is dedicated to Lego® brick constructions inspired by Richard Garriott/Lord British games, including the upcoming Shroud of the Avatar. This is a fan site and is not sponsored, owned, or endorsed by either of these companies (though I still think they both rock).

Many people know that I have working on Lego® brick buildings and scenes, so I thought it would be good to organize and post various assets in my development of these products. As of now I have four main buildings. Some of these buildings are designed after player housing in the game (Founder’s Citizen Home and Founder’s Knight Home) while others (Hearth of Britannia and Tortoise and Hare) are custom builds inspired by the game and previous Lord British/Richard Garriot games.


I want to give special thanks to:

Richard  “Lord British” Garriott for making games which inspired so many aspects of my life and brought me so much joy.

The whole Portilarium Team for their work on Shroud of the Avatar, the game for which this all came from.

Charm City Lego User Group (LUG) for all their encouragement, advice, donations of brick, and generally being an awesome group of people.

Lego Corporation for making Lego®!

Joseph Toschlog/Rustic Dragon of The Hearth of Britannia/Portilarium for inspiration, great feedback, and general rediculousness.

Dame Lori of Forsaken Virtues for running a great SotA fan site, helping my learn WordPress, and being an overall swell person.

Jayson over at the Digital Lycaeum, part of the Ultima Codex site for making (and remaking) the site banner. Oh, and also being a swell person.


SotABricks is an unofficial, fan-created website. LEGO® and the brick configuration are property of The LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, own, or endorse this site.